School Information

“Filmagic was founded with one aim in mind: to assist young and aspiring movie buffs to break into the industry and make amazing content. We’re here to help you create the world of your dreams. We’ve developed a curriculum that is adaptable enough to accommodate anyone’s needs. Despite our students being a newbie, we can help you advance and provide you with the information necessary to dominate the movie industry. Filmagic helps people get in the film industry by training with talented individuals who are already doing what they aspire to be doing. Our courses will educate you, help you get experience, and then provide you with great exposure to the movie world.

Our faculty is there for our students in every step, helping and guiding them in all their projects. We know that our students just don’t choose filmmaking as their career path, it’s a calling they can’t ignore. Filmmaking is an art that involves many practical and even technical skills that a disciple of filmmaking has to learn, and we provide the perfect platform for acquiring such talents. We create such a positive learning environment for our students that they easily imbibe all the knowledge provided by their mentors or external faculty. All those out there who aspired to make it big in the entertainment industry, Filmagic welcomes you by providing the perfect course that helps your all-round growth.”

Directors Information

Sanjay Jadhav has contributed immensely to the film industry through his creativity and expertise for almost three decades. A well-known figure in the Marathi movie industry as a Director, Producer, an award-winning Cinematographer and even as an actor. He founded the production company  “DREAMING 24/7” that produced the gem called Duniyadari, which became the biggest blockbuster the Marathi film industry has ever seen. Duniyadari single-handedly raised the bar for its successors and showed Marathi movies can be compared to Bollywood cinemas. He was appreciated for his talent by receiving multiple regional and national awards. With his prowess as a capable cinematographer, Sanjay has made many Feature Films or Television Serials or Music Videos or Ads or Corporate Films. Sanjay captured the audience’s attention as a cinematographer through critically acclaimed movies like Dombivli Fast, Jogwa, and Mumbai Meri Jaan. He directed movies like Checkmate, Ringa Ringa, Phakta Ladh Mhana, Duniyadari, Tu Hi Re, Pyaarwali Love Story and Guru representing the various genres. The critics revved about his recent movie, Khari Biscuit, which depicts a unique bond between a brother and sister duo living in Mumbai’s harsh poverty.

Head of Institute Information

With the strength of visualisation, sense of direction and writing talents Durgesh Sukhthankar has made his name in the field of Film and Television for the last Fifteen years. For more than a decade he has acquired immense knowledge of the industry working as head of the Film & Television Department, Film Director, Script Writer, Editor and Administrator and Co-ordinator. Durgesh has accumulated great experience as a director by lending his skills to more than half a century short films, documentaries and ads. As a Head of the Department for their Film and Television Department at L.S. Raheja Technical Institute he was instrumental in setting up the TV department and he scripted and designed the curriculum and all educational syllabus such as one year course in Digital Film Making, three months course in Cinematography, Basic and Advance Course in Editing. Along with this he also conducted weekend course in Photography.

Being a great mentor and counsellor to his students Durgesh has trained nearly 1200 students in the last 13 years. Many of them went on to create an exceptional piece of art, making names for themselves in MAMI and working under Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s production banner. He organised and managed promotional events for many Marathi movies such as “Zenda”, “ Ringa Ringa” “ Ti Ratra “, “Ideachi Kalpana and “ Balk –Palak”. Durgesh’s upcoming feature film called Aaji which he directed and wrote has featured industry giants like Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Ashok Patki, Aniket Vishwasrao, Uday Tikekar and Rajan Bhise.

Directors Message to students

Welcome to Filmagic.

Founded with an aim to assist the budding filmmakers of India, Filmagic gives students the perfect platform to showcase their talent. Our internal and external faculty comprises movie industry behemoth with decades of experience under their belt making them the best candidates to guide the students.

While innate talent and natural ability are wonderful qualities, it requires modernised education including extensive field education to sharpen these traits and put them to actual practice. Producing awe-inspiring content and converting it into audio-visual or AV classics is both an art and science that trainees get to learn at Filmagic.

Media & entertainment industry is almost at its peak with modern technology transforming the scenario, specialised fields like film making, sound engineering, app development, photography, music production, broadcast journalism, VFX & animation and game design require adequate experts who can take the responsibility of producing the next-gen classics.

All you need is proper guidance, the passion and hard work will propel you towards the peak. You will not only get the satisfaction of being creative but also benefit financially while working on your passion.
Contact us for any minor details including career options, faculty, campus, courses, projects, interviews and placements. We are here for you.

I’m looking forward to your bright future in the media and entertainment!

Warm regards,

Directors Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

Gone are the days where everyone thought the media and entertainment industry is for a select few with connections to the insiders. The world is now open to all the aspirers and dreamers who not only want to make their dreams come true but also make a stable earning from it. Now, aspirants can be creative, have a steady career and see exponential growth.

Media and entertainment industry opens the door to various opportunities like editing, cinematography, sound editing, broadcast journalism, music production, photography, VFX & Animation along with mobile app development and game software development as well. Anxieties are understandable since all the parents just want what’s best for their offsprings. Unfortunately, there are many tales and misunderstandings about such careers in India. You have every right to ask questions considering it’s your child’s career is at stake.

We implore you to reach out to us for all the queries, small or big, about the industry, career, courses, faculty, campus and placement. We would love to hear from you.

Warm regards,

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