What is GENRE

Genre is a French word meaning ‘kind’ or ‘sort’. Thus, it refers to various ways in which one or more ideas are conveyed across numerous forms of communication, such as digital, artistic, digital, spoken, literary, or musical, among others. Genres are heavily inspired and influenced by prevailing cultures of various societies across the world.

As cultures evolve and change, so do genres. The earliest use of genre as a form of classification can be traced back to ancient Greek Literature. In ancient Greece, genres were followed such that even actors in ancient Greek dramas were restricted to their particular genre with the belief that one actor could tell only one type of story best. Genre, in films, isn’t difficult to explain. Think of a particular genre as the personality of that respective movie.  

Genres are meant to categorize movies and make it easier for viewers to decide what they like and what they don’t. Genre in movies comprises four essential elements, namely character, plot, story and setting. The difference between story and plot here is that the story is the characters’ situation, and the plot defines how the story is told. Moreover, genres can also be further divided into sub-genres. For example, comedy is a genre and black comedy or satire maybe its sub-genres. Defining a film’s genre helps us define its characters better and set their path in the story.

Movies very rarely stick to only one genre. Although one genre might be predominantly seen throughout the movie, two or more genres are often seen overlapping one another, too. While this is a brief explanation of what “Genre” means, there is much more to both genres and sub-genres. So, stay tuned to this space for more information about genres, sub-genres, and many more things revolving around the art of Filmmaking.

A genre can be literature in any form of art or entertainment, be it for music, audio, video or written content. You might have seen genres mentioned while streaming through Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming services; this gives viewers rough advice of what the story would be like. Lately, we have been observing hybrid genres coming up that help in offering something new and unique to the audience

Let’s find some of the most common subgenres found in modern cinema.

The Action Film Genre has been subdivided as-.

1. War and Military Action

  • Spy and Espionage Action
  • Martial Arts Action
  • Western Shoot them Up Action
  • Action Hybrid Genres

2. The Comedy Film Genre Has been further divided into-

  • Slapstick Comedy
  • Screwball Comedy
  • Parody Comedy
  • Black Comedy

3. The Horror Film Genre is classified into several parts as-

  • Zombie Horror
  • Folk Horror
  • Body Horror
  • Found-Footage Horror

4. The Sc-Fi Fim Genre is sub dived as follows-

  • Space Travel
  • Time Travel
  • Cerebral Science
  • Robot and Monster Films
  • Disaster and Alien Invasion

5. The Western Film Genre is classified into-

  • Classic Western
  • The Revisionist and Anti-Western
  • Contemporary and Neo-Western
  • Fantasy and Space Western
  • Modern Western

6. The Romance Film Genre is divided into-

  • Historical Romance
  • Romantic Drama
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Chick Flick
  • Paranormal Romance

7. Lastly, The Thriller Film Genre is further classified as-

  • Conspiracy Thriller
  • Crime Thriller
  • Legal Thriller
  • Spy Thriller
  • Supernatural Thriller


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