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Screenwriting for TV – Tips to Become an Expert TV Screenwriter

Although directors are the ones that receive all the acclaim in the filmmaking world, the TV industry is quite different in that regard. Without high-quality writers, no TV show can sustain success for long periods. That’s why short-term script writing courses in Mumbai are so popular. These courses open various career opportunities for aspiring screenwriters.

However, professional screenwriting for TV is an entirely different ball game to writing for print, movie scripts, or plays. 

Here are some practical tips that’ll help students navigate the exciting world of TV writing.

Understand the Art of Writing for Television

A TV Scriptwriting coursewill be completely different from learning how to write a feature film script. While writing TV shows, writers have total control over how stories are built and how they evolve. TV writers have to develop stories, write dialogues, and make numerous edits/revisions before coming up with a detailed episode.

TV Writing and Film Writing – The Similarities

  • The procedure of writing television scripts and film scripts are similar in various ways –
  • Both types of scripts will look the same on paper.
  • Both need to be typed using screenwriting software tools.
  • Location headings, dialogue, scene accounts, and character headings – all of these elements are present in both TV and film scripts.

That’s why a basic scriptwriting workshop in Mumbaithat focuses on both TV and film scriptwriting is a good way to launch your journey into the exciting world of TV writing. However, students must also respect the differences between TV writing and film writing.

TV Writing and Film Writing – The Differences

  • TV scripts are shorter. The average TV episode will be somewhere between 30 to 60 minutes long. Add commercial breaks, and the run-time is even shorter. So, a key skill every scriptwriting institute in Mumbai wishes to instill in students is conciseness.
  • TV shows are fluid. Unlike movies, TV shows can have different narrative structures based on the plot. While movies have clear starts and endings, episodic TV show scripts are allowed to be more fluid. Different episodes can have different beginnings and ends.
  • TV scripts give writers more time to express themselves. Although each TV episode you write will need its own conclusions, writers don’t have to pace themselves as much while writing TV scripts.

They can take things slow, allow stories and characters to grow at their own pace, and even play with cliff-hangers.

  • Writing TV scripts is harder. Every expert provider of short-term script writing courses in Mumbai will tell students to buckle up and prepare for some hardships, as writing TV scripts is much more time-intensive than writing for movies.

Although each episode may be shorter than your average film, over the course of the series, TV script writers have to come up with a lot more unique content.

Watch Other TV Shows

A key part of every high-quality scriptwriting workshop in Mumbai is watching other TV shows and gaining inspiration from them. Aspiring screenwriters can intuitively realize what types of stories and characters they want to create by exploring the works of others.

Read Books by Acclaimed TV Writers

Several legendary TV writers have shared insightful anecdotes about scriptwriting in their memoirs. Many of these books are taught in major script writing institutes in Mumbai, so gaining access to them is very easy.

Study Professional Scriptwriting

The best tip for all aspiring TV scriptwriters is simple – sign-up for a TV Scriptwriting course. In these courses, students can –

  • Explore different writing exercises.
  • Learn how to use feedback and criticism from peers.
  • Learn discipline and patience as they’re demanded to write, write and write some more!  
  • Learn how to write as a group (bear in mind – most TV shows feature a crew of writers)
  • Understand key aspects of scriptwriting such as character development, narrative tones, dialogue formation, theme establishment, etc.

There are several high-quality short-term script writing courses in Mumbai that can help aspiring TV scriptwriters get started!