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Short Film Making Crash Course in Mumbai

Every short film starts with a mere idea, some finances for production, and majorly time spent on the creators’ calendars. Unfortunately, not all people know how to make short films. The smartest thing aspiring filmmakers can do is take a part-time filmmaking course in Mumbai, as these courses will teach all about the rules and technicalities of making short films. From pre-production responsibilities to post-production editing skills – these courses can benefit aspiring filmmakers to start their creative journeys in the most productive way possible.

Here are the skills a crash course on short film making will benefit you with –

Setting Up the Base

The first essential thing you need to learn for making short films is planning. Experts with a diploma in digital filmmaking all this step ‘setting the base.’ Every detail needs to be planned out properly so that every stage of the film production process can be executed effectively without major complications. The three foundational documents you’ll need in setting the base are – your budget plan, a detailed schedule, and of course, the screenplay. 

All three of these pre-production documents need to be sorted before you start bringing your film to action. The screenplay and the schedule might change in the future, but your production budget should always remain constant. Don’t make small concessions or emotional decisions when dealing with your short film budget. At Filmagic, one of the best part-time film-making courses in Mumbai, we teach our students how to outline all the expected costs and stick to this plan until it’s time to release the short film.

Auditing the Screenplay

Writing the screenplay is the initial skill of filmmaking that you can learn at every Weekend Film making course in Mumbai. But, let’s make it clear that the initial screenplay isn’t the one that’ll be used during production, it’s just an idea written into a script, and you’ll need to audit the screenplay to make it ‘shootable.’ 

Taking all of the budget-related considerations into account when creating a shooting. For instance, if your script has a chase sequence, but your budget doesn’t allow you to hire expensive camera rigs, you’ll have a massive dilemma on the day of the shoot. That’s why a Budget-friendly screenplay is a vital skill that all short film creators must master. Some creative choices may get sacrificed in this process but, it’s better to make small alterations than to give up on the creative project altogether. 

Advice to first-time filmmakers by our Experts with a diploma in digital filmmaking and screenplay writing–

  • Ensure the screenplay conforms to the specific needs of the production process.
  • Create technical documents or blueprints side by side with the screenplay. These documents should feature details like set names, location names, shooting time, etc.
  • Share the technical parts of the screenplay with all crew members. Everyone involved in the filmmaking process must know important technical details like character names, shot sequences, etc. 
  • Auditing a script isn’t easy but extremely rewarding in the long run as it comes in handy while shooting and makes final shoot days seem very seamless and pleasant. At Filmagic, we have a Weekend Film making course in Mumbai, where you can master auditing screenplay skills that will surely benefit you in your days of shooting.

Post-Production Skills

Although editing processes come at the very end of the filmmaking process, you can learn how to edit video ads footage at our part-time filmmaking course in Mumbai. From merging scenes to adding background music – all general post-production skills are taught at our filmmaking courses. Along with how short filmmakers are required to constantly mind their basic responsibilities while shooting, managing post-production is equally important. Thankfully the latest editing software tools make editing challenges much easier to overcome.

Like large-scale film productions, short films require a lot of skill, patience, and savvy thinking. Our weekend film-making course in Mumbai can help you with all the theoretical and practical knowledge of shooting a film. We give opportunities to our students by taking them to live filmmaking shoots and bringing the best out of them in filmmaking!