Film Editing

Film Internships: 5 Behind-The-Scenes Careers

Making a film is teamwork. A director or the producer won’t be able to turn their dreams into reality unless there is a bunch of talented people to back them up. You don’t always have to play the role of a film director as you have other job roles to play. The digital filmmaking course will let you come across those roles, which are equally important as a director or music producer. So, let’s get on with the options right away!

Assistant Film Editor

If you want to take an active part in the film administration or editing sector, then you might want to get an internship as an assistant film editor. The Film Making Internship in Mumbai is the entire craze right now.

  • The assistants get the chance to work on multiple subjects, right from organizing firm clips to synching audio and video, and so much more.
  • These job roles are pretty important and will help you to get hands-on experience on what exactly goes behind making a successful film.

Social Media Intern

For any company, whether big or small, social media is always the best way to interact with potential customers. Well, the same goes with the film industry. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and more will help in promoting new films in the most organized and fastest way possible. 

  • Now, film companies are hiring special staff members to handle the social media accounts so that they can work on other important parts of filmmaking.
  • Take this opportunity right now and focus on the social media internship program alongside short term film making courses in Mumbai right away!
  • This internship will help you gain knowledge of the film industry and how promotional materials can influence movie-goers.


In smaller cities, videography internship is pretty popular, and for good reasons. Videography, in these areas, is considered to be a way to promote a brand or company, and it can be covered without worrying much about the resources.

So, the videography internship will help you to understand ways to set up camera equipment and take interviews for a project. It helps you to get closer to the creative side of the industry.

Production Intern

The main goal of a production intern is to work on the sets of a TV show or movie and perform duties to support the film crews. Some of the major jobs they are designed to cover are:

  • Working with the props when needed
  • Research associated with the said project
  • Administrative works, and so much more

These interns are highly skilled in covering multiple areas and perfect examples of multitasking. They form the backbone of the film industry, and you can be one of them.

Public Relations Intern

Much like earning a film degree, gaining some skills in public relations is equally promising. PR intern helps to manage things like newsletters and PRs for multiple film-associated companies. 

Much like any other corporate or industrial vertical, the film industry has a Public Relations worker for their scenes. This section is tied up closely with the media sector, like the press, TV news channels, and more.

Finding An Internship In The Film Industry

From the points already mentioned, you know the areas where you can shine, even while staying at the backside of the screen. So many film industries are claiming to offer you the best internship programs. However, it is important to know more about the educational institutions before coming to the final call. 

Check out the types of internships available, and then choose the one where you are artistically inclined to. Pay for the courses and start practicing right away! You will go pretty far if done right.