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How to Choose the Best Music for Your Videos: A Crash Course How to Choose the Best Music for Your Videos: A Crash Course

People respond to visuals much better when they’re backed with appropriate audio tracks. Be it a creative short film or a marketing video – the right background music can strengthen your message. With having the potential to make your video content ten times more appealing to the average viewer. At every top video editing institute in Mumbai, students are taught how to choose the right tracks with high-quality audio for their video content. 

Here’s how these video editing experts choose the best music for their productions –

Pick Emotion-Evoking Music

The whole point of creating video content, or any content, is to evoke human emotions. Creators want their audiences to feel certain emotions when they’re watching their creatives. The first thing students learn in their video editing course in Mumbai is the importance of music in guiding the audience towards critical parts of the story.

For instance, if you want your audience to feel happiness, add warm and fuzzy soundtracks to the video. On the other hand, if the audiences need to feel empathy and emotional connections with the characters on the screen, adding organic music (instruments like piano, violin, etc.) is always helpful.

At professional video editing classes in Mumbai, students are taught how to find the correct soundtracks by:

  • Browsing music licensing libraries. There are several free and premium music licensing libraries where soundtracks are listed based on the emotions they evoke.
  • Splitting the screen; playing the video (without any background music) on one screen and testing some tracks on the other screen. Find the tracks that make the most impact and add them to your video.
  • Know the message behind the video. If a video is supposed to be entertaining or informative, adding emotional music doesn’t make sense.

Assess the content in your video and make sure the specific soundtracks you use fit the video’s general message. This is a basic principle every student who takes a sound design course in Mumbai learns.

Set Clear Roles for Your Background Music

Be it evoking one’s emotions or supporting the message behind your video – your background music must have a clear role. It shouldn’t be serving multiple roles at once, or else things may get tricky. While creating informative videos, experts from video editing institutes in Mumbai will recommend adding supportive tracks that don’t draw the viewer’s attention. On the other hand, if the video’s message is vague or open to interpretation, look for soundtracks and sound designs that evoke emotion and feed the sense of duty.

Students in video editing classes in Mumbai are always advised to avoid adding vocal tracks to narration-based videos. They’re also taught to pick soundtracks that are evenly paced with no unexpected spikes in instrumentation as such spikes kill the viewer’s attention spans.

Set Clear Roles for Your Background Music

One great advantage of taking a video editing course in Mumbai is that you get surrounded by other creative people, who can serve as inspirational peers. Many of these creative people often end up being musically inclined. Partnering with professionals who’ve dedicated their lives to music is certainly the best way to avoid making audio-related mistakes. These experts have deep pools of musical knowledge that no aspiring video content creator should refrain from exploring.  

Local bands, music composers, instrumentalists, etc., are great sources of knowledge to have on film sets. A short trip to any video editing institute in Mumbai or a quick online search is enough to find these musical experts and their courses.

If you want to amp up your videos’ pace, shape the outlooks and emotions of your audiences, and possibly even hide minor audio blips or editing mistakes – you must know how to choose the correct music for your videos. Music plays a crucial role in how videos are perceived. Choose wisely!

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