Weekend Script Writing course (3 Months)

Weekend Script Writing course (3 Months)

Weekend Script Writing course (3 Months)

“To make a great film you need three things – the script, the script and the script.”
– Alfred Hitchcock

The screenplay is considered the backbone of the filmmaking. Act of screenwriting takes many forms across the entertainment industry. Only great and unique stories are not enough for a movie, presentation of those stories and the plot is important to make a great film. This part time screenwriting course located in Mumbai will introduce the art of scriptwriting and screenplay to our students from basic screen adaptation, scripting for different media like theatre, TV and movies. This short term screenplay writing course offered by our Institute is right in the heart of Mumbai, making students easier to connect with Bollywood.

At Filmagic students undergo a comprehensive training of scriptwriting, to cover all format, plot variety and movie genres. They learn and follow the guidelines of formatting. Throughout this weekend scriptwriting workshop in Mumbai, students comprehend the art of representing their characters, portraying their story to adapt the screen and drawing the audience into their storytelling under the tutelage of industry veterans.

Frequently Asked Questions

The rules for writing a script you need the following

  • Theme (what is your story about)
  • Conflict Conflict Conflict
  • Every line you write must matter

Title, story, characters, setting, dialogues are the five basic elements of a play script.

You can learn scripting from the Filmagic weekend scriptwriting course.

The basics of scriptwriting is Logline or theme where you have to write what your story is about and then develop your characters, their backstories, personalities etc.

Things you need to remember in writing a script are:

  • Less Is More.
  • Focus on Broad Strokes, Not Details.
  • Craft a Compelling Opening.
  • The First Act Is Not for Character Introductions.
  • Conflict, Conflict, Conflict.
  • Create Moments, Not Scenes.

You don’t need to prepare anything, it’s just your first class, and we will assist you in all the rules and guidelines for scriptwriting throughout the course.


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