Weekend basic Editing Course

Weekend basic Editing Course

Weekend basic Editing Course

Video editing is defined as an art, the only art that is unique to movies, separating filmmaking from other art forms that came before. Video editing is often considered as the invisible art because when it’s done right the viewer is so engrossed in the masterpiece they are unaware of the editor’s work. Editors regularly play a powerful role in the production of a film. Editors are the ones essential in creating the vision directors had while making the film. A basic video editing course will teach the students the technique and practice of grouping shots into a coherent order. Industry veterans and experts are onboard Filmagic as faculty members to guide and encourage the students through this basic editing course. TV stations, movies, major companies, advertisements are among the firms that hire students who have completed a video editing course or who have an in-depth understanding of video editing.

Frequently Asked Questions

To succeed in video editing, you must have the following skills:

  • Organizing video content with video-editing software
  • Working with the video director to determine the overall vision
  • Editing a scene based on the director’s vision
  • Reviewing scenes, script and screenplays
  • Assembling raw footage
  • Identifying the sequence of the video
  • Synchronizing sound and story

Our basic video editing course structure includes from introduction to editing software to practically working on videos editing with the tools and techniques like a professional.

The specifications for video editing tasks would have a good memory/RAM system, the latest version of editing software that supports your system.


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