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Commercial Casting For Actors: How To Ace Your Next Audition

It’s normal for actors to want to star in commercials. The salaries (in addition to residuals) are great, and the shoots usually last for two to three days. But, the hard part is auditioning for commercials. People, who produce commercial advertisements are extremely particular about their requirements. There are thousands of actors who audition for commercials. Hereby, the aspiring actors should expect to face a few demoralizing rejections and take it up as an experience.

However, the smart working actors ace these auditions using the tricks they learn in their weekend acting classes in Mumbai. Although there are a million variables that are outside an actor’s control once they step into the audition room, there are some steps that they can take to increase their chances of receiving a callback. Here’s a guide. 

There are some steps that they can take to increase their chances of receiving a callback. Here’s a guide.

Understanding the Basics of Commercial Casting

Commercial casting sessions are completely different than both film and theatre auditions. That’s why top acting classes in Mumbai feature separate classes where aspiring actors are taught the secrets of the commercial casting process. Here’s how commercial casting sessions differ from film or theatre auditions –

Presentation Matters a Lot

In commercials, directors have to establish characters and narrate compelling stories in less than 30-seconds. No matter how creative you are as an actor, the way you present yourself will matter the most in commercial auditions. 

So, make sure to brush up these skills at your weekend acting classes in Mumbai before going for a commercial audition –

  • The way you pronounce your name must be clear.
  • Your general attitude should be as close to the character in the script.
  • Your knowledge about the brand and the ad agency involved in the project should be maximum, as it will impact the way the judges perceive you.
  • Look for hints in the script and adjust your wardrobe accordingly. Learn about the nuances of reading scripts at weekend acting workshops in Mumbai before auditioning.
  • Religiously follow all the instructions in the script. For example, if the script says “act hysterically”, – you can go for an over-the-top performance, and do not hesitate to bring your own touch.

The casting director, the creative team (the company that sets up the audition process), and the members of the ad agency will decide your fate. Bear in mind; these professionals sift through hundreds of audition videos every day. 

So, making a personal impression on these three professionals is vital. Even if you don’t secure one project, these professionals will remember you. Good auditions almost always lead to future work either directly or indirectly.

Master the Lines

The first thing that aspiring actors learn at their acting classes in Mumbai is the importance of remembering dialogues and lines in scripts. A habit that allows an aspiring actor to master script etiquette before auditioning. If for some reason, you can’t speak your audition lines, the next best thing to do is read directly from the script during the audition. As long as actors interpret the parts accurately, they have a higher chance of getting selected. That way there is a huge importance of acting classes for sharpening your acting skills. 

Prepare for Open Casting Calls

At the best weekend acting workshops in Mumbai, students are taught how to handle open casting auditions. These audition processes are different because – 

  • Actors are often asked to perform impromptu without any scripts or guidelines.
  • Other auditionees may join you on stage and read lines with you.
  • You may even have to compete side by side with another actor who is preferred for the role you’re auditioning for.

Audition Etiquette

Some basic audition etiquettes that are taught in weekend acting classes in Mumbai include –

  • Avoid touching any item on the set (camera equipment, laptops, food items, etc.)
  • Never smoke in front of fellow actors or the casting agents.
  • Thank everyone in the audition room, including the casting director’s assistants, before leaving.

Before major auditions, always visit your weekend acting workshops in Mumbai to pick up some practical tips from your acting gurus that help you excel and improvise at every step! Fimagic is one of the leading film institutes in Mumbai, that serves the purpose of expert guidance, and aspirants are here for it! Visit our website to learn more, or call us over 9082442394 / 9821797070.